Before investing in a bottleless water dispensing machine, it is important to investigate and understand what certifications, if any, the product you are buying has gone through. All manufacturers DO NOT get their machines certified by the agencies that were set up to protect the consumer, so you will need to investigate. In many states, ice and water vending machines must be NAMA certified to be approved to sell ice and/or water. In addition, many zoning departments require that the machine be ETL listed.

NAMA Certifications for Bottleless Water and Ice Dispensing Machines

The NAMA machine evaluation program requires water dispensing machine manufacturers to build equipment in conformity with the public health requirements set forth in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Public Health Service Model Food Code. It also provides a means by which customers and public health officials can identify those machines that meet both the FDA food code and NAMA design and construction standards. Any machine that has gone through this rigorous evaluation process will be listed on the NAMA website. Please click the NAMA logo to review this listing.

ETL Certification for Bottleless Water and Ice Dispensing Machines

ETL (Intertek)  – Only water dispensing machine manufacturers displaying the “ETL Listed” mark can certify that they have been independently tested and have met the applicable published safety standards of product compliance for North America. Authorities accept the ETL Listed mark as proof of product safety. Make sure the machine you are considering for purchase has been certified against these product safety standards.

CE Certifications for Bottleless Water and Ice Dispensing Machines

This certification mark indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within Europe. 

ADA Compliancy for Bottleless Water and Ice Dispensing Machines

Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act authorizes the United States Department of Justice to certify that state laws, local building codes, or similar ordinances meet or exceed the Standards for Accessible Design for new construction and alterations. Make sure the machine you are considering meets these standards.

Kooler Ice was among the first to invest in these important certifications and all of our ice and water vending machines are NAMA approved and ETL listed to protect you, the owner, as well as your customers. Our machines are audited every quarter by ETL and once a year by NAMA

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