Eliminate single serve plastic bottles and ice deliveries for good with the only heavy duty high industrial built ice and water dispensers made.


The HYDRATION PRO is an industrial-strength Ice and Water dispensing machine. It connects to your water supply, water drain, and electrical supply to provide continuous Ice and filtered Water availability on a large scale. The best part is employees, athletes, and others love its quick simplicity and the high-quality ice and water!

Importance of Hydration

Whether working or playing, indoors or outdoors, the need to stay hydrated is important for health and productivity reasons.


Founded in 2007, Kooler Ice is a pioneer and leader in the ice vending industry with over 2000 machines in operation primarily in the US, Australia, and the Caribbean. Throughout this growth process, Kooler Ice has had one goal – to provide owners with the most reliable, durable, and innovative machine in the industry, and to support its owners to the highest standards possible!” It is this philosophy that has made the Kooler Ice brand of ice vending machines the best value for its owners. And we couldn’t have grown and advanced to where we are now without them (and you!)


Powerful – Stores up to 550lbs of ice with daily ice production up to 1000lbs or 100 (10) lb bags per day. Practically unlimited filtered water capability.

Quick & Simple –Dispenses ice and filtered water instantly on demand by pressing down a button and releasing when done.

Place Indoors or Outdoors – Place strategically to maximize efficiency and reduce the time it takes to get ice and water.

Versatile – Accommodates most any container size, from a 1-quart personal container up to a 10-gallon cooler.

Bagging Attachment – Makes bags available and simple to fill within the vending station.

High Quality, Clean Safe Ice – The Hydration Pro is a closed system. The ice and water are dispensed, there are no scoops or ice buckets required. Just push the button and get safe, clean, high-quality ice and water.

Purified Water – The Hydration Pro comes standard with filtered water and Reverse Osmosis filtration can be added for purified ice and water. RO is commonly used where water quality is poor.

Remote Monitoring – Receive important machine alerts to your phone app, computer, or tablet. This feature also enables us to see your machine’s diagnostics when you contact our support.


No more paying for ice and water to be delivered.

No more ordering, receiving, invoicing, storage, or price increase hassles.

Affordable. If you spend $800-$1000 or more per month on ice and water, you’ll save tens of thousands of dollars with this machine. Savings can be exponential, depending on your situation.

Machine is long-lasting, built to last 15 to 20 plus years. The icemaker’s expected life is 10-plus years. All other components are plug-and-play to replace.

Simple to maintain. Expert phone support is available daily. It is simple to source parts and supplies via our online store or parts department. Service video library available for commonly performed maintenance.

Qualifies for Section 179 tax deduction, which adds more savings for existing businesses that show a profit on their taxes.

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