How many years have you been in business?

The Hydration Pro is designed, manufactured and supported by Kooler Ice, Inc. in Byron Georgia. Kooler Ice is the leader in Ice and Water Vending Machines with 13 years of experience in this growing industry. With over 1,600 machines operating in the U.S. and 5 other countries, Kooler Ice is well equipped to support its Hydration Pro Product Line. However, since the Hydration Pro does not have vending components on the machine like our traditional products, we decided to highlight this product via its own website. However, the product is an integral part of Kooler Ice’s Ice and Water Machine lineup

How long will the Hydration Pro last?

The Hydration Pro and Hydration Pro Plus are the first heavy duty industrial built bottleless water dispenser and ice dispensers. The units feature industrial components with heavy duty aluminum frames. With proper maintenance and upkeep, we would anticipate most customers keeping their Hydration Pro’s for a minimum of 15 years before a newer technology comes along. The HP Plus was designed to function indoors or outdoors just like our other outdoor ice and water vending machines. 

Why is the Hydration Pro more expensive than a bottleless water dispenser sold online?

The Hydration Pro and Hydration Pro Plus are heavy duty industrial designs that will last 15-20 years. The frames are made from high strength industrial alloy, they are insulated, they have PLC’s with Lexan Panels. Both have ice makers. On the Hydration Pro the ice is made to cool the water. On the Hydration Pro Plus, the ice is dispensed out of the machine to the end user. Also, they are for heavy use, heavy production environments – both indoors and outdoors. This is not a throw away water dispenser.

What utilities are required?


The Hydration Pro without flavors requires 110 Volts / 20 amps. 

The Hydration Pro with Flavors requires 110 Volts / 22 amps.

The Hydration Pro Plus (with ice) requires 220 Volts / 50 amps.

*To make install easy a chord kit can be ordered with the HP Plus. Female receptacle is sent out ahead of time to customer to be installed prior to machine delivery.


All three Hydration Pro models require a 1/2” water line.

Drain Lines:

All three Hydration Pro models require a 1/2” drain line.

What kind of warranty is offered on the machines? 

Both machines offer a 1 year factory warranty on the full machine. The ice makers offered in both units come standard with a 3-year full warranty and 2 additional years on the compressor, condenser and evaporator.

How is the machine installed?

First, we will send you install drawings to share with your maintenance staff to get the water lines and female receptacle plug ready for the machine.

Second, we will ship the machine to your location, and you can simply plug the machine in, attach the water lines and go to work. If you want us to deliver, train and assist in the installation, we can do this as well for $1,000 – $1,500 dependent upon your location.

Do you offer support?

Kooler Ice provides all owners with a 1-800 hotline in the first year free. The hotline is open from 8 am to 8 pm every day of the year. If you have an issue or have a question on the machine, you would simply call the 1-800 line and we will walk you through any problem that might arise. If it is an ice maker issue, we can dispatch a Hoshizaki Ice Care professional to your location to address any issues with the ice maker. 

 Kooler Ice also uses these same technicians and approved area service personnel to support our customers in the U.S.

 Organizationally, support is one of our core values at Kooler Ice, Inc.

What kind of maintenance is required on the machine?

Both machines come standard with a Reverse Osmosis filtration System. The RO System has multiple stages of filtration to provide a high-quality product. In addition to wiping down and cleaning the outside of the machine with a standard disinfectant, you will need to replace (1) carbon and (1) sediment pre-filter approximately every 90-120 days. Both filters screw on and are easy to replace. 

In addition to the carbon and sediment pre-filters, the Hydration Pro has two reverse osmosis filters on the unit that eliminates 95%+ of all total dissolved solids that run through the filter. We measure the total dissolved solids with a simple digital meter.

The Hydration Pro Plus (with ice) has one reverse osmosis filter as well. All RO Filters are generally replaced 1x each year. This process will take about 30 minutes to replace. Directions and videos are provided on how to quickly replace the RO membrane in all Hydration Pros. 

The last item that needs to be replaced in the Hydration Pro is the UV light and final carbon filter.  These also require replacement 1x per year and can be replaced in approximately 15 minutes.

Do you have a monitoring system?

For as little as $20.00 per month, the Hydration Pro Plus can be equipped with our IceTalk monitoring system. This system provides users with alerts on the ice maker and the water filtration system. We also receive these alerts so if you have an issue, you can call are 1-800 line and we can use the monitoring system to trouble shoot your machine remotely. The IceTalk system is a great way to keep your up time high and your down time low. 

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